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Intelligent NETworks® was recently launched in Sao Paulo, Brazil in partnership with ASPECT Midia. The installation was deployed along Rodoanel/SP, a major roadway around Sao Paulo City, for about 37 miles. Once installed, the system was able to provide accurate and helpful travel information to the motorists along this major roadway. Began in October 2009, the project was completed in June of 2010.

This particular deployment of Intelligent NETworks included the DMS, CCTV and Map modules. NTCIP was specified for the entire system making deployment and field device integration much faster. Delcan Technologies and ASPECT Midia partnered on the installation and have previously worked to incorporate NTCIP into ASPECT Midia’s DMS signs, which were deployed in this project. This project also involved integration to Bosch CCTV cameras which also support NTCIP.

To learn more about ASPET Midia visit their web site at

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Michael Howarth speaks at WASHTO 2010Michael Howarth, Vice President of Business Development at Delcan Technologies, delivered a presentation at the 2010 WASHTO conference focused on MDSS and mobile data collection as an integrated ITS technology. The presentation was given in combination with South Dakota DOT representative Dave Huft. Mr. Huft spoke on MDSS successful deployments and Mr. Howarth’s presentation detailed the MDC solution from Delcan Technologies as well as the snow plow module from Intelligent NETworks. Mr. Howarth was selected to speak based on the unique experience Delcan Technologies has with standards based, NTCIP deployments.

During the presentation, Mr. Howarth went into detail on how MDC installations in South Dakota were used to lower overall costs and improve the performance of the snow plow fleet.

The concept behind the MDC system is that by knowing current conditions, road characteristics, weather and resources it is possible to recommend treatment types, the application rate and optional timing. The right data also gives users the ability to predict future road conditions – with or without road treatments.

The MDC system developed by Delcan Technologies is lightweight, durable, Windows based and expandable. After being installed in the vehicles, the system collects speed, direction, material application rate, blade position as well as road and air temperature.

Operators enter data and receive MDSS recommendations as well as regional weather updates. Additionally, the system has been designed to include route optimization to allow for more efficient use the materials and equipment.

The WASHTO conference is the annual gathering of the Western Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (WASHTO) organization. WASHTO is focused on contributing to national policies on transportation issues that are responsive to members’ needs while for advocating legislation that supports efficient transportation systems, economic competitiveness and the environmental integrity of member states.