• 11.19.15
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Device Tester is a software product, developed by Delcan Technologies, that tests field devices and ITS central systems to ensure their functionality is consistent with the NTCIP standards. NTCIP compatibility is required by the United States Department of Transportation for any project that receives federal highway dollars, so it’s important to ensure compliance with the NTCIP standard. Let’s take a look at the features of Device Tester.

MIB-Based Testing

Device Tester uses a Management Information Base, or MIB, to verify how a device responds to an object and compares the results against established NTCIP compliance standards. These MIBs include a wide range of values, a description of the data, whether the object is read-only or read/write…essentially everything communicable through the device.

After loading a MIB into Device Tester, the user is able to communicate with the device in order to perform tests. These tests measure how the device responds to every object in the MIB. Device Tester maintains a log of each test and the given responses.

Standard & Custom MIBs

Device Tester includes a number of pre-loaded, standard MIBs and can read both standard and custom MIBs. When manufacturers sell a device, it must be designed to communicate with the standard MIBs. Standard MIBs address global objects, such as time of day settings, as well as device specific objects, such as sign status for variable message signs. Manufacturers can add additional objects and features that separate their device from a competitor. These objects are defined in a custom MIB created by the manufacturer, which must be written in the standard international format ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One).

Scripting Ability

In addition to the automated tests run by loading and scanning a MIB, Device Tester also includes the ability to create and run test scripts. This feature allows you to build a custom script that automates a specific test procedure. With custom scripting, manufacturers and developers can perform unique tests on a device to ensure it passes a specific test.

Device Tester comes pre-installed with an initial set of scripts. If needed, Delcan Technologies has a team of engineers that have the ability to create custom scripts to test custom objects. The Delcan Technologies team is able to provide additional services to help generate the custom test procedures, run the test and verify the results.