Feature Spotlight: Camera Slider Bar
Posted on 09.04.14

The camera slider bar feature available on the Intelligent Snow Plow module lets you quickly scroll through your images.

How It Works

slider-barThe Intelligent NETworks® Intelligent Snow Plow module collects real-time information on weather and roadway conditions. One of the data sets it collects is images taken from the cameras mounted on the snow plows. These images are uploaded to the Intelligent NETworks central system, where they are stored in a gallery.

The camera slider bar feature takes the thumbnails and groups them together by vehicle and shift so the user can quickly view the collection of images. The user simply clicks on the slider bar, and the images advance forward or backward depending on the direction the slider bar is moved. The user can also control the speed at which the photos are advanced and manually click through the thumbnails.

Feature Benefits

The camera slider bar feature provides users with a quick overview of roadway conditions. It creates the impression of a time lapse video, so the user can see how conditions change over time. Fleet managers can quickly view the roadway conditions on the snow plow operator’s shift in a matter of seconds. This way, fleet managers gain a better understanding of the conditions, which leads them to more effective and efficient decisions. The camera slider bar provides great user experience and makes viewing images more intuitive.