Glacier National Park Bus Parking
Posted on 07.31.12

Delcan Technologies is in the final phases of completing a parking guidance system at Glacier National Park in Alaska. The system manages and directs tour buses visiting the park to appropriate locations based on the volume of buses inside the park.

The system wirelessly monitors a set of six bus drop-off locations. As buses pull in and out of the spaces, the wireless parking sensors transmit data to a central computer. The computer then automatically feeds that data to a series of Dynamic Message Signs along the roadway. When all the spaces are full the system alerts in-bound buses and directs them to a waiting area until an open space is available.

As a part of the project Delcan Technologies provided the park with two dynamic signs, a wireless network for communicating with the signs, six wireless parking sensors, a wireless zigbee network, a central control computer and associated software to control the system. The system is due to launch this summer and was implemented in coordination with the Alaska Department of Transportation and Northern Management Services.