Introducing the MDC-006: A Mid-range AVL Solution
Posted on 05.29.14

Delcan Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce a new addition to our Mobile Data Collector (MDC) offering—the MDC-006. This is a lower cost AVL option designed for general motor pools and non-heavy machinery.

The MDC-006 provides GPS location services, engine code output for on-board diagnostics, and limited sensor inputs. It integrates seamlessly with DTI’s powerful central system– Intelligent NETworks.

Fleet and operation managers can quickly locate all of their vehicles in real-time. Vehicle data is displayed on feature-rich maps, and the system can be set up with automated notifications based on vehicle location, geo-fencing data, speed, or other activities. Standard and custom reports are available so that you can analyze trends and better plan your operations.

DTI is committed to offering a range of data tracking solutions to meet its customers’ needs. If your company doesn’t require multiple vehicle sensors and an in-cab touch screen display, the MDC-006 might be the right choice for your fleet management. Contact DTI today for more information on the new MDC-006.