Mobile Data Collector Systems—An Overview
Posted on 11.20.14

The growth of transportation technology along with advancements in AVL and GPS have created unprecedented advancements in the ability to track, manage and maintain a fleet of vehicles or equipment. While there are numerous vehicle location systems on the market, they only provide a narrow subset of data. A mobile data collector (MDC) system combines AVL, GPS and data into a powerful tracking and reporting tool that provides real-time information on a wide range of user-specific data. These custom systems take raw data from virtually any source and translate it into usable, comprehensive re- ports, which can be communicated back to end users, such as operators, drivers, and managers. Due to their custom design and features, MDC systems offer endless possibilities that can save your organization time and money, while increasing performance and safety.

How MDC Systems Are Used

Any type of fleet management operation can use MDC systems to stay connected with its fleet. This may include winter road maintenance crews, emergency response teams, sanitation trucks, street sweepers, public busing systems, and construction and mining crews. An MDC system allows these organizations greater visibility into where their vehicles and equipment are located and what they are doing. These systems can be leveraged to provide vehicle and equipment tracking, vehicle diagnostics, fuel management, scheduling and routing support, asset security, increased operator and passenger safety, and more efficient operations. MDC systems are tailored to meet the specific needs of each user. They collect user-specified mobile data and translate it into intelligent, actionable reports.