North Dakota ATMS Upgrade
Posted on 05.09.14

North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) is working with Delcan Technologies (DTI) to upgrade their Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) from Intelligent Control to DTI’s state-of-the-art Intelligent NETworks Suite. The project kicked off in February and will be fully deployed before the end of 2014.

Benefits of Intelligent NETworks

By upgrading from Intelligent Control to Intelligent NETworks, NDDOT has access to DTI’s innovative ATMS solution. The following benefits make Intelligent NETworks a smarter, more efficient and cost-effective choice:

Flexible: Intelligent NETworks is a web-based application that uses a standard web browser. Users can access the application from any location with web or local network access.

Configurable: The 26 modules that make up Intelligent NETworks can be installed as needed. In addition, customized modules can be created to meet specific requirements.

Integration: Intelligent NETworks® is built on the NTCIP standards from the ground up. It clearly envisages a migration from the proprietary systems of years gone by, towards an environment where system expansion on the basis of standards based procurement results in lower cost, lower risk, faster deployment.

NDDOT Modules

NDDOT selected the following Intelligent NETworks modules for their ATMS and they have the ability to quickly and easily add modules as needed.

DMS Module: The DMS module communicates with fixed and portable dynamic message signs (DMS) to disseminate information to motorists. This module allows the system administrator to post messages in real-time, schedule messages for posting at a specific time, or set a message to be sent to one sign, multiple signs, or all signs in the system at once.

CCTV Module: The CCTV module provides the functionality for viewing, controlling, and maintaining all the cameras in the system. Using CCTV cameras as part of the ATMS allows users to view real-time traffic and weather conditions. This includes snapshots and streaming images. The module supports all standard digital formats, and it includes the following features:

  • Camera controls
  • Camera presets
  • Camera locking
  • User priority override
  • Video wall configuration

ESS Module: The ESS module provides real-time weather conditions. Individual roadside weather stations, referred to as environmental sensor stations (ESS), are set up along highways. These stations collect the following types of data:

Atmospheric data:

  • Air temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Precipitation type and rate
  • Visibility distance

Pavement data:

  • Pavement temperature
  • Pavement condition
  • Subsurface condition

The ESS data is transmitted to Intelligent NETworks and displayed as color-coded icons on a map to alert users of hazardous conditions.

The ESS module works with NDDOT’s fixed automated spraying technology (FAST). This feature combines sensors with a pump that sprays anti-icing material on the road. The ESS module collects data from the FAST Sprayers including event times, tank levels, and history. The system can then be triggered to activate the FAST anti-icing spray pump.