Twilio Roadshow 2014
Posted on 07.03.14

Twilio, a cloud communications company, recently launched its “Engineering the Customer Experience” Roadshow in Atlanta. This six-city tour was designed for forward-thinking decision makers focused on developing innovative business communications solutions. The conference featured speakers from Google, Box, LiveOps, and OneReach—companies known for their revolutionary methods of integrating phones, VoIP, and messaging with web, desktop, and mobile software. Each informational session focused on current industry trends and strategies for adapting to the software-driven “age of the customer.”

DTI’s Sean Mulligan went to the Atlanta conference on May 13, 2014. He attended the keynote session by Forrester Research, which focused on the ways that mobile applications are helping customers get what they need when they need it. Sean found the session to be especially relevant to DTI’s focus on meeting client needs and expectations through mobile data tracking.

Sean then attended the Customer Showcase, where RealPage, Inc. discussed its use of Twilio when building out its support centers. He was also present for sessions entitled “Choose the Right Platform,” “Creating Communications in Context,” and “Establish Greater Customer Connections – Integrating Communications into CRM.” Each discussion focused on streamlining business communications and leveraging cloud capabilities to solve complex customer interactions.

The conference is also an important forum for networking. Sean was pleased to be able to speak with representatives from Box, Twilio, OneReach, and SendHub at the reception. He enjoyed hearing more about what they’ve learned during their transitions from old school approaches to application development.

The Twilio Roadshow reflects an important theme in the rapidly evolving world of VoIP, multi-channel communications and software: this is the age of the customer.