The Intelligent Devices line of embedded cards, from Delcan Technologies, are designed to provide turn-key solutions for your existing traffic devices. These embedded devices provides NTCIP solutions to manufacturers and allow for any Intelligent Transportation Systems device to become NTCIP conformant. Delcan Technologies can upgrade older legacy systems to NTCIP, as well as assist manufacturers in new device integration.

These embedded cards can control all aspects of any ITS device. The controllers come in varying sizes to control devices as small as cameras and speed detectors, to devices as large as an overhanging interstate DMS sign. Combinations of our controllers can power entire traffic management systems erasing the need for complex proprietary systems.

All of our controllers are completely customizable. Delcan Technologies can cater to exactly any agency, manufacturer, or integrator’s needs on a case by case basis.


Manufacturers interested in NTCIP integration don’t have to look any further than Delcan Technologies. We provide embedded NTCIP solutions to manufacturers who are distributing ITS devices. For many manufacturers, developing NTCIP integration is a time consuming and costly measure. Delcan Technologies can provide source code, controllers, and designs to manufacturers who are unsure of where to turn for NTCIP integration in a matter of weeks, not months, and at a fraction of the cost.

NTCIP integration with Delcan Technologies offers the following benefits for manufacturers:

• Fraction of Lead Time
• Fraction of Cost
• Open Standards with NTCIP

The 1000 series can act as a stand alone NTCIP controller or as an NTCIP translator in combination with a manufacturers existing device controller. We also offer an embedded source code purchase option, porting the software to the manufacturers existing software platform saving substantial time and development cost.


Agencies and Integrators

Over the past ten years, agencies have invested billions of dollars into ITS infrastructure. This led to a rise in competition and a rise in firms developing their own proprietary systems ‘better’ than other firms. Delcan Technologies offers the promise of NTCIP integrity. Knowing that a system will always be the same under NTCIP no matter what ITS device is running will bring about the elimination of proprietary systems. Delcan Technologies can take your agency from proprietary to an open standards system. Our engineers develop NTCIP solutions that communicate with the proprietary system interface and filter that language into NTCIP for the central system. The development of our translators saves time and money for agencies.


City and Statewide Agencies

In recent years, cities and statewide DOTs have invested billions of dollars into ITS infrastructure and purchased numerous ITS devices that operated under a wide range of manufacturers proprietary communication protocols. Today, most agencies understand the significant interoperability and interchangeability benefits of an NTCIP standards based system, but face the problem of dealing with the existing inventory of legacy devices.

The DTI 1000 series offers an immediate low cost NTCIP upgrade solution for existing devices of all types, so the agency can move very quickly to system wide NTCIP compatibility.

The only custom development required for the DTI 1000 series field device controllers is the interfacing of the modules to the applicable field sensor or output device.

An exciting recent addition to our embedded products range is our Intelligent Snow Plow solution that provides a revolutionary low-cost approach to the implementation of intelligence in a Snow Plow which also fully conforms to the NTCIP standards, providing an integrated solution to managing de-icing and plow operations.

Technical Overview

1100 1300 1320 1600 1620
RS232 Serial Ports 2 3 4 5 5
RS485 Serial Ports 2 2 2 2 2
Digital Inputs 8 8 8 8
Digital Outputs 4 4 4 4
Analog Inputs 4 4 4 4
Battery Backup Y Y Y Y Y
NTCIP Communication Built-in Y Y Y Y Y
Watchdog Y Y Y Y Y
Real Time Clock Y Y Y Y Y
8 MB Flash Disk Y Y


The DTI 1000 series unique range of controllers can be used to upgrade any existing ITS device to NTCIP conformance. The 1000 series comes in varying sizes; small sizes to control ITS devices such as traffic sensors, CCTV and VSL signs. A slightly larger controller (approx. 4” x 5”) controls ITS devices such as weather stations, traffic signal controllers, ramp meters, and all types of DMS signs.


*Licensed under U.S. Patent Nos. 7,355,509 and 7,714,705