Mobile Data Collectors

One of the most expensive and labor-intensive operations performed by many states during the winter months is snow removal and roadway treatment. Having current information about road and weather conditions can improve the overall efficiency of the operation, reduce the amount of applied materials, and decrease overall cost.

The DTI Mobile Data Collector (MDC) Series is a critical part of a solution to collect real-time information on weather and roadway conditions, and can provide operators and supervisors with recommendations as weather conditions change.

The MDC in each snow plow receives information from the operator, spreader controller, GPS receiver and plow blade sensors. This information is made available via an integrated cellular data modem to an NTCIP compatible central system. The information from the snow plows can then be used to create advanced reports detailing the amount of material and vehicle usage.


MDC 004

The MDC-004 is the next generation of mobile data collection device that collects information from spreader controllers, temperature sensors, plow blades, cameras and other external data devices. The unit is split into two separate components, an embedded Microsoft PC and a touch screen interface. Providing a split device allows for an easy installation. The MDC-004 has the same connections as the MDC-003. The MDC-004 is an integral part of Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS) applications and to other ITS central systems.


MDC 006

delcan-technologies-mdc-006The MDC-006 provides GPS location services, engine code output for on-board diagnostics, and limited sensor inputs. It integrates seamlessly with DTI’s powerful central system, Intelligent NETworks®.

Fleet and operation managers can quickly locate all of their vehicles in real-time. Vehicle data is displayed on feature-rich maps, and the system can be set up with automated notifications based on vehicle location, geo-fencing data, speed, or other activities. Standard and custom reports are available so that you can analyze trends and better plan your operations

MDC-006 Features:

  • Remote communications through integrated cell modem
  • GPS monitoring of vehicle location, speed, and direction
  • Engine codes monitoring through OBD-II interface
  • Storage of monitored data available for later retrieval
  • Eight digital inputs and four digital outputs for monitoring of on-vehicle equipment
  • NTCIP interface allows monitoring of all vehicle activities by any NTCIP Central System.
  • All features are integrated into a single rugged unit


*Licensed under U.S. Patent Nos. 7,355,509 and 7,714,705