OR Tambo Airport Parking Guidance System

Project Description

OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg is the largest airport in Africa. As the air transport hub of Southern Africa, it accommodates for more than 17 million passengers each year.

Delcan Technologies was selected by ACSA to provide a complete parking guidance solution. This project monitors over 25,000 parking spaces and displays availability information on 250 internal DMS signs and 50 external DMS signs. The system monitors 11,500 individual spaces with ultrasonic sensors. This project included supplying, installation and support of intelligent parking devices and software. The project is based on the  NTCIP standard.

This project was one of the largest in the world to date. The ACSA Landside Manager  stated that this project was “the single most successful project from a customer relations point of view.”


Scope of Services

Delcan Technologies provided the following:

  • Design of system
  • 11,500 individual parking sensors
  • Display to 50 external and 250 internal DMS signs
  • Intelligent Parking Software and integrations with the cash management system
  • System Reports
  • Installation and support