Delcan Technolgies has developed a range of powerful NTCIP standards based software applications to meet the expanding ITS systems requirement.

DeviceTester, our NTCIP testing software, is the NTCIP conformance testing tool of choice throughout the world.  DeviceTester provides an easy, fast, and convenient way to test NTCIP communication between a central system and a field device and is valuable during day to day operations as a diagnostic tool.

Intelligent NETworks, our flagship software product, is a group of robust NTCIP central software applications that integrate management of NTCIP field devices, including DMS signs, traffic signal controllers, ramp meters, CCTV cameras, traffic sensors, and weather stations. Intelligent NETworks is a modular system of open architecture that is scaleable from a small city or district, up to a full featured statewide Traffic Management Center.  When combined with our companion applications, Intelligent Incident and Intelligent Maintenance, it offers a state of the art central software solution.

Intelligent Parking, a parking guidance system that helps drivers make smart decisions in order to reduce congestion, make the most of available spaces, and increase the profitability of parking facilities.  Intelligent Parking is also fully conformant with the NTCIP communication standards, which means an easy interface is possible with existing NTCIP DMS signs.

All NTCIP software solutions from IDI are “Out of the Box” and available for immediate deployment, as such they offer very reliable, fast, low cost solutions.