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Device Tester from Delcan TechnologiesNot sure if your ITS device conforms to NTCIP standards? Use DeviceTester for NTCIP to Automatically Test Your Central or Field Device. DeviceTester is the first product of its kind in the transportation industry.

DeviceTester allows for agencies, manufacturers, and integrators to test the integrity of their ITS central system or field devices to NTCIP standards.

DeviceTester is an easy, fast and convenient way to test NTCIP communication between a central controller and a field device. DeviceTester is a database product that can mimic the functions of a traffic device or serve as a testing tool. The main purposes of the tool are to provide a method of testing the functionality of a new device, or aid in troubleshooting a device that is not functioning as expected. It can automatically check all device OIDs, perform automatic error simulation and create result logs and reports for your records. DeviceTester is based on a powerful database structure and includes interfaces for simple and advanced testing. All data can be exported in a variety of formats for additional custom reporting.

As a diagnostic tool, DeviceTester for NTCIP functions by sending commands to the device and capturing the response from the device. When reviewing the response from the device users have the ability to immediately know where the traffic device is not functioning properly. DeviceTester can operate either as a traffic device to receive commands (to test a vendor’s product ability to communicate with a selected traffic device) or as a central device to send commands to a selected traffic device.

With DeviceTester for NTCIP, you can immediately confirm that your device conforms to the NTCIP suite of standards. DeviceTester is not only a powerful testing tool but it also allows you to debug new applications and products.

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