Intelligent NETworks

Intelligent NETworks® is an advanced traffic management system. The software is divided into 25 different modules that control different aspects of the traffic system.

Intelligent NETworks is a state-of-the-art ATMS application designed to collect, disseminate, and manage transportation information. Built with scalable architecture, Intelligent NETworks is an adaptable solution for small and large scale deployments.

Intelligent NETworks is a true web-based system. Customers build their customized systems by using our core modules. In turn, the system is then sized and priced based the specific feature set of these modules and the level of customization (if any) that may be required.


The different modules are configured to offer the exact set of features you require.

True, web based application using a standard PC browser from any location with web or local network access.

Intelligent NETworks operates within an inexpensive PC environment. There are no desktop COTS or software licenses required, resulting in a low up-front deployment cost..

Follows open industry standards, architecture, design standards, and is designed to operate at 99.9% uptime.


  • Intelligent Decision Support/Response Planning – Through an easy to understand rules-based guidebook, Traffic Management Control (TMC) center will be able to configure the TMC Core Software to automatically recommend and respond to a variety of tunnel management and incident issues. Decision support recommendations/responses include suggested operator actions, recommendations of Variable Message Signs (VMS) including Variable Speed Limit Signs (VSLS), Lane Control Signs (LCS) and Regulatory Signs on what information to display and which sign locations should be used, adjustments to ramp metering rates, traffic signal timing plan adjustments as well as electronic agency staff notifications via e-mail, pager, SMS text, and phone.
  • Platform independent – Runs on any hardware platform and operating system that supports Java. No Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) software packages required other than a database (users choice of Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL)
  • User Flexibility – True, web-based application using standard PC browser from any location with web or local network access
  • Cost Effective – Can operate on single inexpensive PC environment, no desktop COTS or software licenses required. Low up front deployment costs.
  • Configurable and customizable – Customers can “Have it their way” with whatever modules and specific customizations are desired. In addition, agency staff can become developer certified to create new interfaces or customizations via the Intelligent NETworks® Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Feature Rich – 16 functional modules that can be installed one at a time, piecemeal or all at once.
  • Fault Tolerant – Designed for full redundant failover and operations (99.9% uptime)
  • Open Architecture – Follows open industry standards, architecture and design standards
  • Full Standards-based Interfaces – Intelligent NETworks® is built on the NTCIP standards from the ground up. It clearly envisages a migration from the proprietary systems of years gone by, towards an environment where system expansion on the basis of standards based procurement results in lower cost, lower risk, faster deployment.
  • Integration – Intelligent NETworks® is designed to be easily integrated into existing proprietary systems. This makes it easy to integrate to the tunnels fire management, ventilation, lighting, UPS and alarm monitoring system.