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  • 01.29.15
DTI Blog Feature Image

Adding touchscreen functionality to an AVL system provides an extra, dynamic level of sophistication. The technology allows operators to both view and input information versus passively transmitting data with no operator visibility.

The decision to utilize touchscreen features with an … Continue Reading

  • 01.22.15
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Automated Vehicle Location and Maintenance Decisions Support System Project

Tim Croze, P.E.
Region Support Engineer
Michigan Department of Transportation, Lansing, Michigan
Member, APWA Winter Maintenance Subcommittee

AWPW Reporter feature on Delcan Technologies Intelligent Snow Plow system for Michigan DOT Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) is a means of managing a fleet of vehicles using … Continue Reading

  • 01.16.15
DTI Blog Feature Image

The NTCIP standard is known as a protocol standard, but also specifies functionality required for field devices.  Were it only a protocol standard, it would be possible to test for conformance using only a protocol analyzer.  However, the standards that … Continue Reading

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