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  • 11.19.15
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Device Tester is a software product, developed by Delcan Technologies, that tests field devices and ITS central systems to ensure their functionality is consistent with the NTCIP standards. NTCIP compatibility is required by the United States Department of Transportation for … Continue Reading

  • 10.29.15
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The National Transportation Communications for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Protocol, or NTCIP, is a protocol that allows traffic devices to communicate with each other. Prior to the standardization, ITS devices and systems from different manufacturers were unable to communicate without … Continue Reading

  • 10.15.15
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The NTCIP protocol is an industry wide standard data communications protocol, designed to facilitate interoperability and interchangeability between computers and electronic traffic control equipment from different manufacturers.

Each layer of the protocol provides an increasing level of detail as to … Continue Reading

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