Ardan Jerusalem Parking Project

Delcan Technologies provided Ardan Projects with a full inductive-loop based space availability counting and display system 19 parking lots in Jerusalem.


The system developed for Ardan is DTI’s Pool Count Controller (PCC) system. The PCC system uses pairs of inductive loops at entries and exits to parking facilities to determine the number of vehicles moving in and out of each facility. This allows the system to maintain a constant count of the available spaces in the parking facility. The central control system, Intelligent NETworks Device Manager, then polls the space availability information and displays it on the system’s NTCIP DMS signs. This information may be displayed quantitatively (i.e. “93 spaces available”), qualitatively (i.e. “LOT FULL”), or a combination of the two. The Jerusalem PCC system additionally has the capability to display Hebrew text and numerals on the DMS signs.


  • Demonstrate the flexibility of DTI’s line of controllers, adapting the controller to new ITS applications such as inductive-loop based availability counts.
  • Remote installation and support in order to keep project costs down.