DTI 1100 Series

The DTI 1100 is a revolutionary low-cost approach to the implementation of field devices that require NTCIP conformant communication. The very small size and powerful performance of the DTI 1100 controller makes it the perfect engine to control small signs, traffic count systems, weather stations, cameras or any custom application where NTCIP communication is required.

The module is provided with NTCIP communications built in, so the only custom development required is the interfacing of the module to the applicable field sensor or output device. A full-function RS232 connector at one end allows interfacing via modem to a central computer, while the serial port at the other end is connected to the field device. On-board jumper-selectable RS485 provides the flexibility to manage a network of IDI 1100’s on both serial ports.

DTI 1100 Features:

DTI 1100

  • Low cost NTCIP implementation
  • Small size, powerful performance
  • Two serial ports are provided
  • Watchdog supervision is standard
  • Includes a time clock module
  • Battery backup maintains system memory and real time clock


DTI 1100 Resources

User Guide
Alternate 5V Supply Connection
Rev 8 Template
Rev B Cable Connector
Rev A Mechanical Layout



Module Size: 3.74” x 1.77” x .63” (overall, including : 95mm x 45mm x 16mm connectors)
Attachment: Qty. 4, 0.156” (4mm) holes
Operating Temp: -40°C to +74°C (-40°F to +165°F)
Humidity: 5-95% non-condensing
Power Requirement: 8-30 V AC or DC
Processor Speed: 22.1 MHz
SRAM: 128 kB (standard)
Flash: 256 kB (standard)
Serial Ports: 2 Total
1 – RS232 Full Hardware Flow Control
1 – RS232 TX, Rx Gnd
Either / both serial ports jumper selectable to RS485
Watchdog Supervisor: Yes
Time/date Clock: Yes
Battery Back up: Yes
Temperature Sensor: Yes
LED: 4 – Heartbeat, Rx, Tx, Diagnostics
Switches: 8 position DIP



Direct Connect (RS-232): Data Objects > SNMP > Null > PMPP > RS-232 > DB9M
Direct Connect (RS-485): Data Objects > SNMP > Null > PMPP > RS-485 > Twisted Pair
Dial-Up: Data Objects > SNMP > Null > PMPP > V Series Modem > Telephone Co

1201 – Global Objects
1203 – Dynamic Message Signs
1204 – Environmental Sensor Systems
1205 – CCTV Camera Control
1209 – Transportation System Sensors
Custom Conformance Group Con?guration available

Custom device drivers programmed in “C”, running as a separate task in a real time multi-tasking operating system.

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IDI 1100 – Base Controller