Cape Town Convention Center Parking Guidance

Project Description

CTICC has become widely regarded as one of the leading convention centers in the southern hemisphere. It is situated in the heart of Cape Town which is one of the top ten destinations in the world.

The center has over 1,300 parking spaces in 3 different parking facilities. This layout led to some confusion to motorists on where to park. The center decided to deploy an Intelligent Parking Guidance System to make finding a parking space easier for their clients.

This project determines space availability from the cash management system. Delcan Technologies developed a driver that connects the parking guidance system to the existing cash management system to receive parking availability information. This data is then collected and displayed on over 5 external VMS signs around the convention center. This project included supplying, installation and support of intelligent parking devices and software.

Scope of Services

Delcan Technologies provided the following:

  • Design of system
  • Integration to Aludi Parking Management System
  • Display to 5 external VMS signs
  • Intelligent Parking Software
  • Installation and support