Intelligent Snow Plow – Nebraska

Scope of Services

Delcan Technologies was selected to implement an AVL Mobile Data Collection System for Snow Plows for the Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) for a fleet of 100 snow plows.

Project Description

This project included the design and implementation of interfaces for the snow plows, the testing program for the trucks and roadside weather stations, and the wireless data communications to retrieve real time weather and position data. The MDC system collected information from on board sensors on road conditions along with receiving real time weather data from Meridian on local and regional weather radar for display on in-vehicle touchscreens. All of the conditions were presented to the operator, along with their input on driving conditions, through a touch screen interface. Data was also made available to an external web browser for easy access by NDOR and other authorized government agencies. DTI hosted the Intelligent NETworks® AVL/Snow Plow module to collect all data from the MDC units. This provided an easy to use web-based interface for NDOR to see the location and activities of their fleet.

Project Highlights

  • Provide a cloud hosted copy of the Intelligent NETworks® ATMS
  • Provide leased equipment to Nebraska DOR over the contract period.
  • Integration for MDSS services with Iteris.

*Licensed under U.S. Patent Nos. 7,355,509 and 7,714,705