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Mobile Data Tracking and Collection from Delcan Technologies

How It Works
A Mobile Data Collector (MDC) is placed on the vehicle or asset that you want to monitor. The MDC is configured to collect a specific set of raw data.
Data from the MDC is transmitted to the central system using cellular, modem or wireless connections.
The central system processes the raw data and converts it into easy to understand information.
Using the system, users can generate reports that provide easy to understand charts and graphs to gain a clear understanding of their assets

Winter Road Management
Winter Road Management from Delcan Technologies Winter Road Management from Delcan Technologies Winter Road Management from Delcan Technologies
One of the most expensive and labor-intensive operations performed by many states during the winter months is snow removal and roadway treatment. The mobile data tracking system by Delcan Technologies allows you to collect real-time information on weather and roadway conditions, and can provide operators and supervisors with recommendations as weather conditions change.

The Winter Road Management System Features:
  • Touch screen user interface for operator input of driving condition and lane treatment information.
  • Interface to existing spreader controllers to monitor dispensing rates and road and air temperature.
  • GPS monitoring of snow plow location, speed and direction.
  • Automatic detection of plow blade position.
  • NTCIP interface allows monitoring of all plow activities by any NTCIP Central System
  • Integrated on-board web interface allows Road Maintenance Decision information (including local radar, weather forecasts and recommended material application rates) to be communicated to the snow plow operator.
  • Support of DTI’s WEBDirect technology allows direct access to snow plow position and status over the Web from any browser or Web enabled PDA.

The controller in each snow plow receives information from the operator, spreader controller, GPS receiver and plow blade sensors. Forecasting and application recommendations are then provided to each individual snow plow by means of customized web pages, which even include local weather radar information. Having current information about road and weather conditions can improve the overall efficiency of the operation, reduce the amount of applied materials, and decrease overall cost.
Public Safety
One of the primary functions of any state or local government is to provide for the safety of their constituents. The Mobile Data Tracking System from Delcan Technologies can help keep citizens safe and allow you get more from your budget. Delcan Technologies works with public safety departments to increase emergency response efficiency and gain more control of your mobile assets.

The DTI Mobile Data Tracking System is an ideal fit for:
  • Law Enforcement
  • Safety Service Patrol
  • Fire Departments
  • EMT's

The benefits this technology provides cover a wide range for public safety providers. Here are a few of the ways you can benefit from a Mobile Data Tracking System:
  • Reduce emergency response times
  • Increase safety of department members
  • Real time view of where your fleet is
  • In-vehicle display of traffic and road conditions
  • Monitor and report unauthorized use
  • Detailed bread-crumbing and reporting options
  • Monitor non-emergency speeding
The more you know about what is happening in your mine, the more you will be able to gain from it. The mobile data tracking system from Delcan Technologies brings an unparalleled level of insight to mine operators. This helps our clients prevent loss and increase production.

The DTI Mining Solution allows you to:
  • Monitor your entire set of assets
  • Diagnose and correct engine failures before they happen
  • Monitor and reduce theft
  • Produce detailed reports to gauge the overall health of the mine
  • See real-time data on vehicle location
  • Set and view alarm warnings on all equipment
  • Log reports for documentation and safety
  • Prepare for weather conditions
  • Ensure correct drilling locations

The mobile data tracking system from Delcan Technologies can remotely monitor an entire fleet of equipment and provide in-cab displays for operators. Our solution gives you the power of a rich central system and is customized for your mine. With Delcan Technologies you can get the information you need, in the format you need it.
The mobile data tracking system from Delcan Technologies allows construction firms to increase productivity, reduce loss and keep job sites safe. Having the ability to monitor your entire fleet of equipment and assets, from a single screen, produces insights you can use to increase profit.

Benefits to Constructions Firms:
  • Monitor equipment location and performance
  • Prevent theft
  • Ensure assets are where they should be
  • Gauge vehicle speed
  • Diagnose and correct engine failures before they happen
  • Dynamic reporting options to document progress
  • Keep employees safe
  • In cab monitoring of vehicle status, weather and routes

This powerful system can alert you to troubles before failure occurs. This helps you saves on repair costs and increases safety. Get more from your equipment and keep your team safe with the mobile data tacking system from Delcan Technologies.

The Technology
Central Software
Once a data collector is properly installed and capturing information, the next step is to move that raw data into the central software. The central software is what you use to view and manage what the data collectors are capturing. Instead of providing raw, unfiltered data, Delcan Technologies will work with you to ensure the information that comes out of the system is easy to understand and actionable. As with the data collectors, we have a range of software options to meet your needs and budgets.
Data Collector
Data collectors are configured to communicate with your assets using either the OBD connection or through a direct connection. Instead of having only a single solution, Delcan Technologies has data collectors in a variety of sizes, features and price points to meet our clients needs.
MDC units are installed in a vehicle and wirelessly transmit a wide range of custom configured data back to the central system.
Mobile Data Collector
A key part of the process is configuring the data collector to capture the specific sets of raw data you need. Once installed, the data collectors take the raw information and transmit that to your central software. This raw data is later converted into reports and information that will help your business.
Delcan Technologies partners with clients to configure the systems for local storage or we can provide a turn-key system, complete with hosting. Many times, clients prefer not going through the hassle of installing and maintaining the hosting of the system and let our team of engineers manage all the hosting requirements.
*Licensed under U.S. Patent Nos. 7,355,509 and 7,714,705

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