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NTCIP Solutions from Delcan Technologies

NTCIP Services We Provide:
  • Testing services
  • Advising on software
  • Providing test procedures and scripts for DeviceTester
  • Advising on NTCIP conformance issues
  • Design NTCIP translators for existing field devices such as signs, cameras, or traffic controllers
  • Providing NTCIP specification compliance advice
  • Consulting hours to go along with our hardware and software components
  • Training in NTCIP fundamentals
  • Advising on test plan development and strategies
  • Evaluation of legacy systems to ascertain their suitability for NTCIP conversion

NTCIP is a standard protocol for allowing traffic management systems to talk to intelligent transportations systems field devices such as: dynamic message signs, CCTV cameras, vehicle detection sensors, traffic signals, Road weather information stations (RWIS), along with many other types for roadway devices.

Delcan Technologies provides solutions for the testing, upgrading and communicating with NTCIP devices and central systems.

We offer comprehensive NTCIP expertise to manufacturers, agencies and transportation departments (DOTs). Contact us and see how we can bring the power of standards-based NTCIP into your devices and offerings.

NTCIP Translation

  • DTI 1100
  • DTI 1300
  • DTI 1320
  • DTI 1600
  • DTI 1931

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DTI Series Translator Cards
The Delcan Technologies translator cards can be installed in almost any NTCIP device to provide complete compatibility. Our line of embedded products are designed to provide turn-key solutions for your existing traffic devices. Click on each card to learn more
Looking for help with NTCIP? Delcan Technologies is the expert at providing comprehensive NTCIP solutions and can help you connect, communicate and comply with NTCIP standards.

Delcan Technologies provides consulting services to manufacturers, agencies and transportation departments. With extensive knowledge of NTCIP, we consult on various topics including custom application development, NTCIP conformance and testing programs and standards development.

Consulting Programs Include
NTCIP Consulting from Delcan Technologies


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