Intelligent Parking
Hardware & Software

A NTCIP based parking guidance solution
to manage and track parking facilities.

How it Works

Intelligent Parking simplifies the way parking works. Created by Delcan Technologies, this intelligent parking guidance system provides motorists with real-time information on how many spaces are available and where they are located at every decision point.The accuracy of the Intelligent Parking system erases inefficiencies by using a parking sensor system that combines bay detection (with bay sensors), real time updates and parking software into a complete advanced parking guidance system.
Parking guidance begins a long way from the actual parking space. Intelligent Parking shows motorists the actual availability of parking, with 99.9% accuracy, at a destination that is miles away. This allows the motorist to make smart decisions and, if needed, find an alternative parking source.This reduces gridlock and traffic issues associated with traditional parking lots.
As the motorist gets closer to their destination they can be guided to different lots within the parking facility. Intelligent Parking allows for multiple signs at different locations to display accurate information on exactly how many bays are open in any lot. Motorists are able to make a decision on what lot to park in based on real time information.
What makes Intelligent Parking so effective is the fact that it provides real time data at every new decision point. Upon entering a lot the motorist is given accurate data about how many spaces are available on each level. With this information the motorist can focus on getting to their chosen level and not driving slow while scanning for a space.
Once the motorist arrives at their chosen level they are shown how many open spaces are available on different aisles. These zone boards are valuable in keeping traffic inside the parking facility flowing. As cars pull in and out of bays on the aisles the zone boards are updated in real time. This ensures maximum usage of the available spaces.
Through the use of individual parking sensors the motorist can easily navigate the parking level to an open bay. The bay sensors above the space show a green light if the space is available and instantly turn red once the space is occupied. Data is transmitting through the entire chain of signs to keep the whole system updated. This eliminates the frustration of finding a space.
The Intelligent Parking system is managed and controlled by a suite of software developed by Delcan Technologies. The Intelligent Parking software works seamlessly with the network of individual sensors and allows access to the system through a single control center. This unparalleled level of control allows you to view exactly what is happening at every stage of the system.

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How Does it Help Me?

Intelligent Parking makes it easy for your customers to find a parking spot. At every decision point the motorist is given real-time, accurate information on how many spaces are available and where they are located.

Intelligent Parking provides a cutting edge way to gain more from your existing parking facility, help your customers and reduce emissions. Learn more about your specific application by clicking on the buttons to the left.
Intelligent Parking
The Intelligent Parking system offers State ITS practitioners that manage park & ride and transit operations a revolutionary way to bring new benefits to both the public and the state. Intelligent Parking reduces the stress on infrastructure and helps communities gain more from their existing parking applications. By helping the public spend less time looking for a parking space the system also reduces emissions and cuts local fuel usage.
Intelligent Parking
Intelligent Parking offers electrical and parking contractors the unique ability to turn existing parking applications into a world-class facility. Adding the Intelligent Parking technology into your designs sets you apart from other contractors and gives you a competitive advantage. Additionally, you can provide more value to your clients by creating parking systems that reduce emissions, cut fuel usage and allow owners to earn more from their investment.
Intelligent Parking
Intelligent Parking is a revolutionary new system that turns existing parking applications into a world class facility. The Intelligent Parking system lets facilities managers who manage shopping malls, airports and conventions centers earn more from their existing investment while at the same time helping customers find a parking space fast and with much less stress. Plus, Intelligent Parking helps the environment by reducing emissions and cutting fuel usage.
Intelligent Parking

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